Media Outreach

Earn media placements using personalized pitches to target the right contacts.

We Help You Send a Great
Outreach Campaign

39 cities served

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and all provincial capital cities.

5 to 250 media interviews

Online news portals, TV stations, newspapers, magazines.

1 click away

1 click away, we get it all done for you.

Customized Curated Media List

Your list is carefully curated based on your industry, media type, content requirements, who your audience is and where they are located.

Personalized Messages with Images

We create impactful personalized messages with images for a topic related pitch.

Seamless Distribution

We will take care of your media outreach campaign delivery direct to the contact’s inbox

Guaranteed Presence

We ensure that journalists and editors will be present and cover the events.


Our team connects with you via phone or chat to review your story. We listen carefully to your goals and implement them in a down-to-earth way.

Completed Report

We will organize all coverage “loud and clear” into one file.

You Are in Good Company

Join the hundreds of other companies that trust

Journalists or editors will come to your chosen location to do the reporting. The location can be your office, a hotel, a scenic spot or other suitable place for the interviews, which can be done by the media either one by one, or in groups. Usually the media staff will stay for about two hours during the events.

Try PRCW's Media Outreach campaign to get your story in the hands of the right media.

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