Professional translations made easy.

PRChinawire Translation Services

Whether you need a series of press releases translated or a single story, we can handle the work for you quickly, affordably, and reliably. We have over 280 certified translation professionals working in more than 50 languages to handle any topics you have, from advertising and localisation services to internal company documents to correspondence—and everything in-between.

Translation Service of news stories is the core of what we do here at PRChinawire. Whether it’s a few paragraphs that need to be translated from any languages to Chinese or vice versa, or a website and marketing plan that needs a complex localization treatment, we have the experience, the staff, and the resources to get the job done fast, within your budget, and—most importantly—accurately. In order to write a Chinese news story, PRChinawire also translates the background info and related materials from a simple memorandum to complicated product manuals, legal documents, or advertising copy. We can usually turn small projects around in a very short time—sometimes as quickly as an hour—and even large-scale projects generally take only a few days.

Whatever your business, your market in today’s China is increasingly booming, and we’d like to be your concierge here in China, making introductions in the local markets and making sure your message gets heard. Our goals are simple: The best translation services, on time and on budget. There aren’t many companies out there that can do what we do. If you’re looking for localized translation and PR services, contact us so we can discuss what we can do for you.